The Bottle-O Wanaka prides itself in providing premium services to our customers. We have extensive experience of supplying alcohol to events, including weddings, engagements, parties and even funerals. We can also source specific products to cater to your tastes. Our knowledgeable team will help you with what you need, choose a range to suit your budget and provide you with exclusive deals. Our services are all state of the art and available all year round. Check out the list below and contact us by phone, email or Facebook. We’ll be happy to help!

• Chiller Trailer

We have a state of the art chiller trailer available in store. This is a custom built trailer designed to keep your drinks cold. Unlike other conventional chiller trailers, the motor is digital.  That means you get the best cooling in the most efficient manner possible. The bonus, the motor is super quiet!  Our trailer is available for hire or as part of an events package for your special day.  Give us a call or drop in store to find out more.

• Delivery

Our keg tap system allows you to dispense alcohol easily. What makes our system different is the chilly bin it comes with. Simply put ice into the system, and it keeps the beer flowing cool for hours! We are the only store in Franklin with this system. Our tap system comes with our beer kegs which we can special order for you anytime. If you’re looking for regular beers or craft beer we can fulfill all your needs. Give us a call or drop in store to find out more.


• Glassware

We have a wide range of glassware in store. Beer, wine even flute glasses for your special occasion. We have commercial trays make them easy to transport wherever you need to take them. The glassware is available for hire or as part of your bulk/event order package. Give us a call or drop in store to find out more.