The Advantages Of Organic Wine

Wine is an alcoholic beverage that is made up from water and grape juice. It goes through a fermenting process that increases it flavor. Because of the high demand of wines, many vintners have developed ways to protect their vineyards from pests and other insects that love to eat the grapes and the plants. They have also developed way to make their yield more by adding chemical fertilizers to the soil and the plants.

The most common and logical way to protect the fruits from an attack of insects is to spray the fruit itself with insecticide. Other pests are weeds which also need to be sprayed with herbicide. Just within a few decades, people have started to realize the dangers of insecticide and are now demanding more and more organic products. Organic wine have already reached stores and other suppliers and is making a big bang on an otherwise traditional industry.

Advantages of Organic Wine

There are several advantages to buying and drinking organic wine. One of the advantages of organic wine is the safety of the earth where the plants are planted on. Chemical residue from insecticides, herbicides and other chemicals sprayed on the fruits and plants usually get absorbed by the soil and are absorb in turn by the plants via their roots. Organic wine makes for cleaner and safer environment for the flora and fauna of the vineyards.

Another advantage is for the consumers who buy organic wine. They are guaranteed chemical free beverages to drink. This means less risk of sickness and diseases induced by chemicals we ingest through the wines. Although, organic wine may cost more due to the time and effort that staff and vineyard personnel spend maintaining the vineyard. The long term effect of a safe and environmentally secure earth is greater picture.

Some people also claim that organic wine tastes better than those grown the conventional way. This is probably true because without the use of chemicals the organic wine vineyard may have lesser yield. This means their fruits have more concentrated flavor in the grapes they produce. Thus organic wine may have flavor advantage over the conventionally prepared wines.

Protecting the earth and the environment should be reason enough for us to patronize organic wine. We only have one earth and it’s not like we could go to another planet and live there comfortably when we have used up and abused all the resources in this one.


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